Touristic villas, A Hotel & A Commercial mall. The color and the material that has been used was a challenge to achieve the comprehensive look.
The site has been designed for the project within the general vision and philosophy especially where it is the thought of starting peace that are specific to this region of the world. Where the Monument was designed peace in the middle of the city and focused by the four main streets coming from four direction's and trends that reflects the convergence of civilization of the four sides of the world. And for the architecture design for housing and the Trading and educations we took advantage of the Najaf beautiful architecture style and transformed it into a contemporary that fits our lifestyle now a days, by using the right materials and colors that goes with nature of the area. Inhabited city 8,000 people the necessities of the life insurance and welfare and that by the external match facilities shared with the public the entertainment And educational facilities are offered to serve the project needs.

Project Details

Scope of Work Architecture mixed between the nature of the location and the modern design.
Built area 276.605 Sqm
Housing units 1027 units
Trading blocs 27 Blocs
Educations blocs 10 Blocs
Location Al Hawley Road, Al Najaf City, Iraq
Budget 165.00 Million US dollars