The school is specified with teaching knowledge & history & materials to students that will enable them to carry out third-party reporting on the original religious study.
A trend towards Islamic architecture in a modern way and solving functional flexible core dimensions of the project showing the landmarks of Islamic architecture and Persian architecture and building the city of Karbala in a modern way. It was the trend towards choosing the solution with barcode intermittent presence of internal spaces and yards depending on the decoration of Fine Persian. Has been studied the project and functionally based on luck events that require privacy and the separation of young people from the Department of girls and this chapter long places of entry and public squares around for joint activities in the following form: the possibility of access to the runway and lounges multiple uses, restaurant and mosque gate key project and put it in the foreground so that they form Square joint confine these events in this arena with the library, where it was studied so as to be separated into two functionally as in the reading section and a joint in the Department of electronic Library. As for the college has participated entrance of young people with public arena common were distributed and functions of classrooms and laboratories, a library, and the ranks are completely separate from the entrance and functions of the college girls were lucky Privacy section of girls for housing, study and the entry of the outdoor was made to enable them to enter separately to university and housing. While the distribution of youth housing estates and housing guests and accommodation so that families have separate entrances and can move it from the common public space. We also separated places for women's sport venues sports men and distribution of parking in the vicinity covers all events

Project Details

Scope of Work Concept
Built Area Shaded areas 10210 +10930 m 2
Budget 67 Million, US dollars