The project aims to plant means teaching and memorization of the Koran Academy optimal way to train young people educated religiously, the right way, and the project aims to upgrade the new youth culture and supervise religious frameworks are correct based on religious rules to optimal
Based on the philosophical idea to the project, which revolves around the idea that "the Qur'an guides to that which is me," and guides to science and to the straight path, derived the idea of the project so that the lines of design core of the project is clear and straight and continuous, stems from the representation of the cultural center and the Koran abstractly Sarahi through the body's external project and spare inner interactive. Connects inner emptiness surrounding environment determines a project entrances. Interfaces were formed for the project and configured so that gives the impression Sarahi and represents a direct and profound meaning is clear to the center so that motifs were used Islamic and Quran writings give the impression of a spiritual and sensual spiritual sense of the center.

Project Details

Scope of Work Concept
Built Area 5972 m2
Budget $6,000,000