Touristic villas, hotel, and commercial mall. The color and the material used was a challenge to achieve the comprehensive look.
The project is located on the West side of Algeria the capital on the Mediterranean Sea. The shape of the land and location of it inspired the idea of the project, started from the Mediterranean Sea where the common essence between the location (Mediterranean Sea and project land) is palpable. Algeria has a cultural heritage, and the land that is was effected by the Mediterranean Sea makes it a very good location. Our goal from this project is to create a gate crossing all Mediterranean civilization without exceeding or overstepping any of these civilizations, by creating a new gate that distinguishes it from other civilization.

Project Details

Scope of Work Concept Design
Built area 154,6267 Sqm
Housing units 1200 units
Trading blocs 40 Blocs
Location Zeralda - Capital of Algeria - Algeria
Budget 2.232 Million US dollars
Land Area 614.576 Sqm