Adding a new place for makam Al Akieleh Zenab god bless her, to continue Holy Housineh program and considering the number of visitors continuously.
We used the Islamic and Persian architecture with the help of each oriental design, so we directed the main visual and active axes towards the project of Al Housien & Al abaas Architectural style. In a way ití connected all the projects together to go along with the buildings around it. Therefore, the idea of the project is to consist and intergrade as one project for all styles and buildings visually and functionally as well as the separation between the functional in terms of movement while maintaining the project in one building. The project is divided into four parts: - Religious section: the makam & space around it. - Cultural section: library, exhibition and museum. - Educational section: feminist school. - Service section. The project can be entered from the main gate, however its possible to enter all the activities from a different entrance. We studied the functional aspect and we separated the men from the women area. We separated the functional movement of the men and woman in the library, exhibition and museum by furniture and the interiors. We created courtyards to make sure light comes in and fresh air. The stores and preyer rooms are located in the first section guest area and feminist school.

Project Details

Scope of Work Concept
Built Area Karbala, in the commercial area of the city and next to Imam Al Husien god bless him
Cultural Section Exhibition and museum space of 1,240 m2 contain a section for carpets.
Educational Section Feminist School that contains 24 classes
Commercial Section Contain 32 stores
Religious Section A separated Eating area for each men and women, each one has an area for buying gifts + a huge space for religious aspects and a praying area.
Location Karbala, in the commercial area of the city and next to Imam Al Husien god bless him