This university is assigned to to teach sciences and materials to students that will enable them to give the original religious facts & believes.
We trend towards Islamic architecture in this project in a modern way and functional solution for flexible basic dimensions of the project showing the feature of Islamic architecture and Persian architecture to go along with Al Karbala city. The trend towards choosing the solution with internal and technical design depending on the decoration of Fine Persian. After the functional study of the project the privacy of separating the men areas and women was a must, so we separated most entrances and exits as the following: an access to multi halls, stadium, and restaurants were all can be entered from the main gate, so it was located in the front of the building surrounded by these activities. we also did a library and we divided it into two: reading area and the electronic library area. As for the university, the men's entrance was joined with the main entrance to access all the events, but we separated the men's laboratory, classes and we build and external entrance to allow them to access from a completely different way. The dorms ware divided into single men's, guests, and the family dorms each having their own access. Women's sport activities are also detached from the men's activities. The parking is going to be around all activities buildings.

Project Details

Scope of Work Concept
Built area 10,210 m2 + 10,930 m2
Location Iraq -108 km away from the capital and 10 km away from Krabala.
Study rooms 16 Girls - 16 Boys
Laboratory 4 Girls - 4 Boys
Dorms 54 Girls rooms - 48 Boys rooms - 12 family rooms - 30 Guests
Budget 67 Thousand, US Dollars