A Complex that contains five huge castle space of 5,000 m2 and every castle has its own Moroccan design, Damascene design, Egyptian design, Baghdad design.
Luxury is inherent in this project. Each castle has its own exterior and interior design which resembles a particular civilization. The Damascene architecture was exemplified by external medamic stones. Inside, the furniture was placed and the ceilings were decorated with Qubshani. For the Moroccan style, blue, white and moroccan arts were utilized along with stained ceramics. For the Pharaonic styles we were inspired from the poles of the Kranak warship and we also used the Pharaonic Hieroglyphic with the interiors. For the Baghdadi Style we used Haroun Al Rashid style by building the Thousand night castle style. For the Egyptian style we used the Obelisk with the design along with tulip flower to design the interiors and the exterior.

Project Details

Scope of Work Architecture - Structural - Electrical study - Interior design and furniture.
Built area 9,000 m2
Location Damascus - Syria - Zabdani
Budget 30 Thousand, US Dollars
Land Area 25,000 m2
Developer Bou Khamseen Estate