170 Residential Villas, each having a special exceptional view of the mountain.
The project is located on one of the hills that views Damascus, the project is the shape of the famous Jasmine flower in Damascus. We took advantage of the topography of the land and we put the flower architecture in a way that is higher than the project land which is gonna be the center of the project also, the main garden will be the flowers bloom's, which include the internal pool and the hanging pool, mall, restaurants. Therefore this place will be the gathering of all 800 residences.

Project Details

Scope of Work Master Plan and Architectural study.
Built area 70,000 Sqm
Housing units 200 units
Entertainments unit 1 unit
Location Kafar kouk, West Suburb. Damascus - Syria.
Budget 42 Million US dollars
Land Area 170,000 Sqm