A huge four level mall containing big stores, restaurants - panorama - Movie Theater attached to it and an eight levels Four star hotel.
Karbala City is known of its domes, it has a much of religious landmarks, and in order for the project to be a new landmark we chose to do five big domes, therefore it will have five main oases in the project, each one has its own design thats divided into: shopping oasis, food & beverages oases, fun oasis, historical oasis, residence oasis. However they will be connected to each other along with the main building of the project.

Project Details

Scope of Work The architecture idea of the project.
Built area 65570 m2
Rental Space 31210 m2
Restaurants Space 15460 m2
Hotel rooms and suites 150 units
Location Karbala-Iraq
Budget 65 Million, US dollars