Commercial project - Entertainment - Touristic. It contains the biggest playing area around plus it has a big mall and a five star hotel, with an external huge garden.
From the natural trees on the land of the projects, the leaves fall to create the architectural design, that helped us to create the internal spaces from the glass domes to the master plan to express the life and the energy of it. For the external design, the oriental style gave the project an amazing look along with the oriental decorations. The interior design combines the multi cultural symbol from each country and the religious Islamic culture of the middle eastern ones. We also took advantage from these symbols to create an internal play ground for kids that has the most space and in an elevation on 25 meter contains trains and all the new entertainment methods. The hotel views all entertainments from the inside and the outside.

Project Details

Scope of Work Architectural study, Interior Design
Built area 133,500 m2
Hotel rooms 250 room
External space 41,000 m2
Internal play ground area 20,000 m2
Location Zeralda - Capital of Algeria - Algeria
Budget 115 Million, US Dollars